“Majono Hijutsu (The Witchcraft)”

Release date
September 14 2006
Total time
52'18" (20 tracks)
2,381 (Tax excluded)
CD number
Record label
Selling agency
office PAKHYS Inc.

Listen to this fortunate CD to grant your wishes.

Camellia Maki Darkmoon
Sound Produced by MOKA☆

What is a Chant that Witch recites? What is a spell to make a wish?
What is going on at the Sabbat?

Here comes a modern witch, Camellia Maki Dark Moon’s real voice is introducing such a alluring “Witchery World” together with Moka’s fantastic sound for the world’s first CD. Come feel this sound, stimulating almost forgotten energy and ability in modern civilization that we originally have.
This is real musical magic and must-have- item for all of you, wishing your dream come true!

1. Protection of Goddess – wisdom, idea,intuition power,study and work~MP3

This Chant is to recite repeatedly the name of Goddess emerged into ancient myth and legend.
Invite Goddess and use this when you wish to inspire your courage and power.

2. Greensleeves ~Witchery world~MP3

“Green Sleeves “is well known English Traditional Song handed down from the ancient Celtic days.
This song was about “Noble Lady in Green Clothes” , in short, “Queen of Witches “originally.

3. in the Ceremony of Invitation

This Chant is to call holly spirit to guard directions when magic circle is set at very first moment of ceremony.

4. Io! Evohe!

Chant is recited at witches’ Sabbat .This carried down from ancient days and is interpreted in various meaning.
IO is magical like call words and EVOHE means “recall”.


In witchcraft, woman is considered as holly presence more close to nature than man as woman has the same rhythm both in body and her life as wax and wane of moon or of tidal fashion.
They honor moon using an analogy by Goddess.

6. Protection of Goddess – love~

This Chant is to recite repeatedly the name of Goddess emerged into ancient myth and legend. Invite Goddess and use this when you wish to have love powers.

7. The chant of Fixed

This is a magic word when to make a wish or curse to fix and sure the effect.

8. The exercise of Witch~Greensleeves~

Exercise to take energy from mother earth into body and circulate.
Groove to it and be beautifully, try it out in elegant motion.

9. Sumerian Chant

Hymn is said to dedicate to Sumerian Goddess of world’s oldest civilization.
This song consists only of sound without lyrics, having mysterious tone.

10. The second sight and The third eyes

Witch believes any woman can handle fortune-telling. The most famous and dramatic one based on nature-based magic is ” Scrying ~Crystal Gazing~”.
This is considered to be very effective Chant when gazing. Recite 3 times.

11. The last rose of Summer

Dawn of humanity in ancient days, human honored nature and season’s changing itself as a blessing from Gods and were thankful. However, one- and -only God believers gained power and started to eliminate people who those honored other Godas ” Witch ” and rejected God of mother land and God of Moon as ” Devil”. Women called as witches were actually created by people believed other God with different thinking.

12. The chant of rope

This Chant is to recite when you have a wish to make, creating knot one by one.Completed rope with 9 knots to wear as good luck charm or be stashed.

13. The chant of seal

This Chant works for things you hate to think about or you would like to forget about. This clears your heart and reset your soul.
This has a power to erase unpleasant memory away from you.


This is a highlight in witchcraft used as an image sound for “power anchor lifting magic” performed by group.
Clap your hands to rhythm and stomp on the ground to concentrate power and then throw up to the target. Feel dynamic scene and be witness by assimilating into the energy creation of ground and nature and is totally controlled.

15. Protection of Goddess -Money and Property~

This Chant is to recite repeatedly the name of Goddess emerged into ancient myth and legend. Invite Goddess and use this when you wish to make money.

16. The chant of Purification and disregardMP3

This Chant is recited to protect you from evil and for a ceremony to purify your soul.


This song is one of so-called “Spiral Dance” which is used for witches’ Sabbat .
There are various kinds of steps there depending upon its kind or purpose of Sabbat. In actual fact, our familier folk song titled “Mayim mayim” is one of the steps from Witches’ spiral dance.

18. in the Ceremony of Return

This Chant is to send off recalled holly spirits at the end of the party and recite to release magic circle.


19. The exercise of Witch (Actual exercise)

This narrative explanation goes with 5 poses exercise help you to easy work out with music.

20. Beautiful Dreamer(FOSTER STEPHEN COLLINS)

After witches’ Sabbat highly motivated energy is to return to the ground and you’ll be back to the normal daily life, having dinner, chatting and singing in a relaxed mood.
This is the first release in public; here comes Camellia Maki’s terrific voice!

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