Release date
December 25 / 2012
Total time
31'26" ( 7 tracks )
1,692 (Tax excluded)
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We named the album title “FELIX CULPA” in Latin with a nuance of fortunate fall.

“Where is the place to meet each other? ”
In this album, “LILIUM”, MOKA☆’s creation for the opening theme of ANIME “ELFEN LIED” is recorded as an EXTRA TRACK besides the five new radiant vocal songs. This world-wide covered song came back as a Blu-ray work after being newly arranged rhapsodically in homage to the piece for the first time in eight years!
We hope you feel MOKA☆’s another dimensional outer space here…


1.Too SadMP3Youtube

“Sad, so sad….only sorrow remains inside the heart….” It sings sentiment emotions set to a rhythm like a soft breeze.


The pain of parting pierced heart, a distant rumble of thunder like a scream…
Repetition of A melody, simple minor riff and major riff establish chorus part.
We always wanted to create such a musical piece that repeats forever just like an illusion of endless rain.


I’m on the train with my loved one who is in long distance, heading for the infinite starry sky… The sense of just floating with sentiment is expressed by accumulated layers of chorus and lyrical strings.

4. Me and Another Me ~ANTINOMY~MP3

Which is true myself, “me” or “another side of me”? Hear my heart crying out over the troubled and troubled mind in self-contradiction. Sound collage Kaleidoscope mirrors imagined landscape with the eccentric violin tone.

5. SAKURA teardropsMP3

Blossoms are falling quietly… Cherished love is sung with the sense of Japanese DNA, an austere refinement and quiet simplicity featuring Koto, the Japanese musical instrument.

6. LILIUM~preces~MP3
7. LILIUM~Phantasia~MP3

“LILIUM” is the song MOKA☆created as an opening theme for ANIME “ELFEN LIED”. Thanks to support from all over the world, we are happy to see videos which are represented by various patterns of chorus and music recital on the video sharing site.
Being as creator of this song, we are privileged, delighted and inspired by those videos.

We have newly rearranged this song paying deep homage to “ELFEN LIED” in December for its release on Blu-ray BOX.
Instruments of piano and strings melt the voice into the fantasy dimension, leading by lid-opened fragile music box. It asks salvation and prayer in searching for eternity…

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