Shinra Soloist

Release date
January 01 / 2009
Total time
21'58" (5 tracks+1 VIDEO CLIP)
1,881 (Tax excluded)
CD number
Record label
Selling agency
office PAKHYS Inc.

All Songs written, arranged and performed by Kayo Konishi and Yukio Kondo (MOKA☆)

There should exist a world getting only from here…”a forest of solitude”

MOKA☆ presents its 3rd Mini Album with 2 years of aspiration containing 5 tunes in total, starting from “LOST FOREST”. It came from internal argument while being alone and was wandering deep inside the wood. Also, video clip Shinra Soloist ver. of “LILIUM” which acquired a good repetition in the previous album titled “Ryugu Genka” is recorded.


Deep inside the wood of solitude, you cannot love anybody else even yourself.
You still have desire for something beyond the woods and stretch your arms all the while being stuck in… Strings section and piano intro will invite you to the first tune, MOKA☆’s “LOST FOREST”.
Sound-mixing is done by Mr. Masato Tobisawa.
“soloist- plays silence” wandered into the wood inside the heart… whom will you meet?
Someone you love so badly or yourself who have been forgotten?

“What shall I do? ”
The lyrics theme featuring the impressive climax part through self-questioning is to face your own solitude.
The image inspired when thinking idea for an album as key tune, organized strings and chorus as MOKA☆world is an illusionary kaleidoscope sound in light and shadow.

2. Dead-end lullabyMP3

It is an elegy depicted with strings section and piano in the back, simple and saddish melody expresses how you feel when you wait for someone you love and diligence to trust …
And it is also very original melody, containing folk song flavor handed down for a long time.
Bitterness of unanswered love and maternal affection towards the loved one to care is also described. These mixed feelings are turned into an expression as “Lullaby”.

Short version of this melody was on the air as a song sung by Meena, main character’s sister in the animation program titled “World Masterpiece Theater-The Long Journey of Porphy”(January – December, 2008 OA). Sound-mixing is done by Mr. Tatsuya Sakamoto, effect is impressive in developing part where her sentiment is purely depicted.

3. Greensleeves ~Witchery world~

A classic masterpiece “Green Sleeves” turned into a brand-new illusionary lyrical image by strings and chorus arrangement in touch with MOKA☆’s own sense. This has been released once in 2006.
Thanks to Remix done by Mr. Takashi Watabe, sense of lost in the deep wood is strengthened in this new version together with transparent voice, being in a maze like interlude, impact and expansion brought from verse 2.

4. Peacock green-eyed RomanticistMP3

This is a unique and romantic art song on Bossa taste groove, having joyous mood chorus work and arrangement set. This melody was provided to the soundtrack of popular “Boys-love-taste” animation program titled “Junjo Romantica – Pure Romance”(April – June, 2008 and October – December, 2008 OA) and gained popularity as it is easy to remember with some sentiment in music.


MOKA☆made wedding song, refraining vows and eternal love. MOKA☆’s distinctive work in crisscrossing chorus and romantic strings will bring you joy. The old analog compressors including “1178 ” were run double or triple and that contributed to make the sound special.

Additional Track


(Only PC can play due to CD-EXTRA specification. CD PLAYER cannot play the music.)

MOKA☆Original Full Version of “LILIUM”, opening theme from animation program “ELFEN LIED” which MOKA produced its soundtrack.
This newly made original video clip was born to let it know widely, based on the different interpretation from that of the animation.
MOKA☆Original Full Version of “LILIUM” was recorded on our previous album titled “Ryugu Genka” but this time MOKA☆ newly mixed sound for the video. Video clip reflects magical world of fantasy created by Mr. MARCESKA lives in London.

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