IMAGICA BS “Eikokumeigano Rokechiwotazunete”

Sound effects for TV programs:”Eikokumeigano Rokechiwotazunete”
On-Air schedule: from September 4 to December 18, from 22:00 to 22:55 on 1st~3rd. Thursday at IMAGICA BS ( 10 episodes in total, narrated by Takako Tokiwa)

“LILIUM” for anime “ELFEN LIED” is the NO.2

The opening theme song “LILIUM” for animation “ELFEN LIED”, hit the 2nd ranking of the [Top 10 Favorite Japanese Anime Openings] selected by IGN.

“LILIUM” is created by Kayo Konishi and Yukio Kondo ( MOKA☆)


“Sometimes anime transcends all the cliches and tropes, and advances into what is undoubtedly modern art. This intro is beautiful, haunting, clever, and even a little bit erotic. It features the lead characters blended into artistic poses/scenes based on the paintings of Austrian symbolist artist Gustav Klimt. The result is something like anime mixed with art gallery pieces. Each shot is like a work of art, painstakingly detailed and true to the essence of Klimt’s work. The visuals alone would be stunning, but when paired with the haunting music of “Lilium,” sung in Latin, the intro becomes something truly special and unequaled in all of anime.

It’s a shame more people haven’t seen it.”

“Office Pakchys Inc.” renewed our site.

“Office Pakchys Inc.” renewed our site.
Thanks to your patronage, the company marks the 11th anniversary this year.

We will continuously devote ourselves to music with gratitude for all.

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