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“MOKA☆” is a musical unit consists of two sound creators Yukio Kondo and Kayo Konishi, having different musical backgrounds. “MOKA☆” are artists play an active role in various sound production including songwriting, arrangement, performance and singing.

Besides offering songs, “MOKA☆” work on sound track production for TV drama, movie and animated cartoon. “LILIUM”, the theme song for animated program titled “ELFEN LIED” is covered around the world.

MOKA☆ released the following 4 original vocal albums:
“Ryugu Genka (Illusionary song for Dragons Palace)”(2006)
“Shinra SOLOIST”(’09), “FELIX CULPA”(’12)
Their unique musical atmosphere floating around is well received by listeners.


Songwriting, arrangement, performance and singing.
Artisan with the sharpened musical sensitivity released the 1st album “WISH OF THE DEMON” in September 2009.
Every one of those 11 songs in the album is highly evaluated for its catchy dramatic vocal and sound. Once you listen, you’ll never forget!
He is a talented artist and his future success is greatly anticipated.


Engineer excels at unique mixing, having an artistic auditory sense and perfect pitch.
He completes works using his own theory and methodology armed with fine sense of balance and effects.


Songwriting, arrangement, performance, singing, selection of music and etc.
MOKKA’s works including corporate sound logo and BGM played with visual earn the trust of clients for song production in various areas through idea-offering.
Major works: BS-Fuji”Seishun-Furemingu”/Drama-CD”Chohyakuninisshu – UTAKOI” and etc.

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